Fall 2019 Leg Up Classes

Students can learn and master their technique with our professional training classes in musical theatre dance, vocal music, and stage acting. Leg Up classes begin the week of August 26 and the fall semester ends on November 21st. 

The deadline to register for Leg Up Classes is September 19, 2019.

Dance Curriculum: Instruction of terminology and skills of beginner thru advanced musical theatre dance; stretch and strengthening; improvisation and musical interpretation.

Voice Music Curriculum: music theory; rhythm and counting; physical voice training including breathing techniques, pitch matching, and tonal training.

Acting Curriculum: posture, poise, and stance coaching; improvisation; group scene building and monologue work; characterization and emoting.


  • $25 registration

  • $10 trial class (3 classes 1x/semester)

 *Fees for Leg Up are charged monthly.*


1 hr/week: $60/month
2 hrs/week: $95/month
3 hrs/week: $130/month
4 hrs/week: $165/month
5 hrs/week: $200/month

6 hrs/week: $235/month

Class Descriptions

Dance Classes


Ballet: Ballet focuses on allowing dancers to learn classical terminology and technique that is the foundation of the art of dance. Each class begins with a ballet barre, moves to a center floor adage, petite and grand allegro, and concludes with a formal grand reverence.

Jazz: Jazz class will focus on learning proper dance technique such as isolations of the body, improving performance quality and developing complex rhythms and patterns. Curriculum is based on ballet technique layered with traditional jazz movement and includes a proper warm-up, stretches, isolations, across-the-floor progressions and combos.

Tap: Rhythmic patterns, style, musicality and technique will be key in this class. From Broadway to rhythm tap this class will be high energy!

Contemporary: Contemporary challenges students to express emotion and interpret music in fluid or abstract movement combined with the turns and leaps of jazz dance technique.

Hip Hop: While providing an intense workout in an energetic environment, students will have fun with this upbeat style and work outside the box as they bring their own style and personality to the class.


Broadway Beginners: Our brand new Broadway Beginners class is for toddlers ages, 2 - 4 years old. Students will be accompanied by a guardian and will learn fine motor movement, early flexibility skills and emotional expression, rhythm, proper classroom behavior and more!

*All students must be potty-trained to participate in this class.*

Intro: All dance intro level classes are used to explore basic dance technique and skills, vocabulary, rhythm, and classroom structure. Students will learn short movement sequences and build self - confidence while being in a creative class atmosphere.

Level 1: Whether combined or a single focus class, level 1 students build a larger dance vocabulary and are taught increased basics. Fundamentals in motor skills, coordination, stretching, classroom etiquette, and longer dance combinations are taught and performed in class. This level will help develop stronger technique, choreography memorization, respect and self-confidence.

Level 2: Whether combined or single focused, level 2 students will learn more advanced vocabulary and build strength, endurance, and flexibility with intermediate skills in dance technique and class combinations. Jumps, turns, memorization and style will be a larger focus for students in this level with an introduction to improvisation.

Level 3: Level 3 classes are for the more advanced student. These classes focus on advanced conditioning, stretching, technique and class combinations. Students will develop increased improvisation while honing their memorization, and adaptability skills.

Music Classes

Vocal Music is designed to improve singing skills through specific exercises and song. Music Theory, Sight Reading and Singing are all learned and applied in class through a variety of music from the large, private academy library.

Intro to Music: An introductory vocal course focused on teaching young students proper rhythm and counting, vocal pitch, articulation, and solfege. Students will develop skills in singing simple repertoire in a small group setting with an introduction into basic music theory. 

Vocal Music 1: An intermediate vocal course introducing basic musical theatre repertoire. Intermediate level courses emphasize focus on proper breath support, posture, sound placement, and basic music theory. Students will develop a vocal skill set and confidence in both group and solo settings.

Vocal Music 2: An intermediate vocal course with progressing sight-reading skills, harmony and pitch and tonal training in early and contemporary musical theatre styles. Intermediate level courses emphasize focus on proper breath support, posture, and sound placement. Students will develop a vocal skill set and confidence in both group and solo settings as well as building personal repertoire.

Vocal Music 3: An intermediate-advanced vocal course that introduces advanced harmony and sight reading as well as vocal audition preparation. Advanced level students will further develop their vocal skill set and musicianship while building personal repertoire and tackling complex music styles in developing a well-rounded and versatile performer.

Stage Acting Classes

Acting classes are innovative and designed for the new generation of storytellers. Exploring text, preparation techniques, personal invention, and focus on believable behavior in order to achieve spontaneity and honesty are explored. Students have access to a variety of text from the large, private academy library.

Intro to Stage: An introduction of stage acting. Classes will include learning theatre terms, theatre etiquette, poise and posture, role playing, and fun theater games to break kids out of their shells.

Stage Acting 1: A class developing skills in speaking, characterization, scene writing and improvisation. Students will also explore early theatre history and work on group scenes.

Stage Acting 2: An intermediate level acting class with more in depth character analysis, scene/script writing, auditioning technique, monologue work, and scene work.

Stage Acting 3: An intermediate-advanced level acting class that introduces more mature and in-depth character analysis, improvisation, monologue work in various styles, cold readings, and college prep.

Refund policy

Please note: should you decide to cancel your registration, there will be a $20.00 cancellation fee up to three days prior to the program start date. There will be no refunds after this date.

Fall 2019 Schedule

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