We’re a Nonproft Organization Offering Professional Training & Performing Arts Education

Since 2012, The Woodlawn Academy for the Performing Arts has been providing San Antonio area kids with a welcoming, safe, and creative space to learn about performing arts. This educations helps to build confidence and self-esteem, and ultimately the opportunity to shine on a stage.

Our goal is to provide San Antonio area children and young adults, ages 8 - 18 (high school seniors) a place to explore their passion for performing arts, whether that be on the stage or behind the scenes. Woodlawn Academy offers several programs designed to educate and enhance budding performing artists and theatre students. Each program is open to those of varying skill levels - from novice to experienced.


A Place for Everyone

We strive to make sure every young performer has a place at Woodlawn Academy. No matter skill level, background, or orientation, you are welcome to participate in Programs, audition for Junior Productions, and follow your passion.